It has been almost ten years since  my first experiment in  developing a counseling, healing and human development web site that  would best meet the needs of three groups of people: surfers looking for online help,  prospective clients, and other health professionals looking for a referral resource.

From the beginning, the inspiration I found in the Worldwide Web encouraged me to do more than list the details of my private counseling practice. Here was an opportunity to share in a way that could be useful, helpful and (hopefully) entertaining. Over the years, I have enjoyed reading so many personal web pages, where people shared openly about their lives, and I have come to appreciate the spirit of "realness" that we find in this medium. While this site has been routinely updated, it still retains much of its original format, since I am presently putting much of my present efforts into my developing specialty work, called SoulMentors.

Since I dislike the traditional notion of hiding behind the illusion of professional mystique, it seemed the thing to do would be to create a web site that is as personal and engaging as it is professional. I am now 58, with 30 years of experience in my field. Behind the shingle and the professional credentials is a person who has done a lot of living in those few years! Beyond scholarship and clinical experience, Life has shared some powerful lessons with me —and not always the easy way! Twenty-some years ago, new clients would sometimes ask me if I was old enough to appreciate their circumstances. It's been some time since I had a question like that! Actually, in a society obsessed with youth, I have come to appreciate the graying in my beard and (remaining) hair. Having come to realize that the essence of youth is a heart-mind-spirit thing, the notion of attaining "village elder" status seems appealing.

And, sharing through the medium of the written word has been a life-long dream for me. Since the Internet has elevated the art of "letters" to democracy status, who can resist? So many changes are occurring so fast in our world that more and more of us are overwhelmed at the individual, family and societal levels . . . so how's a counselor to help? Maybe this web page can make at least a small contribution to the overall healing process.  

If you surfed into this site in hopes of finding out about counseling at TRANSITIONS Personal & Family Counseling Services, I hope you find that and more. In fact, I hope you find inspiration here. Whether it's the courage to go on; a decision to seek counseling somewhere; a commitment to join the fight against managed care; a resolve to write better poetry; or simply to create a better web site, I hope you find it here. Then I can feel as though I've joined the ranks of those who contribute some small part toward making the Internet as good as it can be today and toward realizing its potential tomorrow.

On some level, we all realize those small parts that we contribute make a whole. Together, we move Democracy toward a new and more profound definition: a sharing of consciousness. As a species, we sometimes relate our proudest accomplishment as traveling to the Moon. We love our technology, but tend to fear where it may be taking us. It could be that the obvious eludes us. Perhaps humanity's greatest achievement THERE IS NO THEM . . . .ALL IS US . . . . .ONE

was not the Moon landing at all, but the power to be found in the collective consciousness of billions of human beings sharing that one phenomenal event!   There's hope for us yet . . . and perhaps our (democratic) media, especially the freely accessible Internet, are but training wheels for bigger things to come.

Change, on any level, can be frightening and even more so, as greater numbers of us are involved in the change. I am reminded of a hand-me-down statement from a colleague, attributed to the awesome Helen Keller memorized and often shared with clients:

"Security is mostly a doesn't exist in Nature. Life is either a daring adventure or life is nothing at all."

The way things are changing in our lives and in our world, it is time for us to develop a stronger sense of adventure along with some mastery in handling change. As part of this, I invite you to read my web pages.


With Deepest Personal Regard,

Granville Angell, Ed.S., L.P.C., N.C.C.

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