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    Because of the spam situation, I have "hidden" my email address from spam bots by adding a bogus phrase in my email address.

    The bogus phrase is "DELETE THIS"

    To send a nonencrypted email to me, click on the bogus-inserted email address on the next line:

    1) CLICK ON: to open your email client.

    2) The above address will appear in the address window . . .

    3) Before you type your email message, highlight "DELETE THIS" in my address and remove it by hitting your delete button . . .

     making sure the remaining address reads like the graphic below:

    Before you send the email, it will look like this:  (Please do not click on this embedded text graphic or copy it to paste - It's not a link.)

    'Sorry for the complications, but this is an effective way to avoid being swamped by spammers!


    The office number of TRANSITIONS and SoulMentors is 704-276-1164.

    Find out about recent changes at TRANSITIONS

    For online counseling, go to the Get Counseling Online page.

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