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New Changes At TRANSITIONS Personal and Family Counseling Services

I am pleased to announce that I am back and available for full time private practice. There have been many changes over the past few years that have affected national and local healthcare - particularly in the counseling field - and TRANSITIONS has not escaped the influences of those changes. 

It has been interesting to observe how changes in the economy and healthcare have impacted this field on the local level. In my own private practice, EAP contract work disappeared in 2004 with closings of local mills.  During that time, state budget cutbacks led to the process of disbanding area state mental health programs into what are called local management entities (LMEs). This forced prior mental health center staff therapists to spin off and open their own private practices in an economy that is too fragile to support them.  It's not that there is no need for counseling and other mental health services. Considering the stresses we face today, these services are needed more than ever - but less people can afford them.

Somewhere in the process of this melee, in 2004, I got the wild and crazy idea that I could be of more service and more financially solvent if I joined the staff of the local mental health center, fulltime, while doing my private practice, part time, on the side.  Well, that was a bad decision!  In my article, About My Life and My Dream, I explained why such agencies were not healthy or fun places to work. Maybe I was hoping things got better while I was out of the system, but no - they got worse!  What was I thinking?!!  The center divested and privatized not long after I joined, to be taken over by corporate interests more devoted to the bottom line than client care.  I left to take on the challenge of rebuilding TRANSITIONS.

The challenge is to rebuild a private counseling practice that continues to meet the highest standards of counseling care, privacy and confidentiality - all while doing what it takes to maintain the lowest possible fees.  To this end, I have closed the downtown Lincolnton office, which significantly reduces my costs.  Also, noise levels at that location increased, while privacy decreased with increased traffic - good for most businesses, but not for counseling.  It was a difficult decision, leaving behind 15 years of good memories and much appreciation for the Lincoln Cultural Center's being such a great landlord.  It was also the time to follow a plan of many years to locate all of my work at my Northbrook office, with its built-from-the-ground-up state-of-the art counseling resources.  Besides, clients familiar with both offices from as far away as Charlotte and beyond were expressing their preferences by driving past the downtown office to come to the Northbrook setting.  Universally, they preferred the natural healing environment, with its peace and total privacy.

I am most excited about the development and implementation of a new specialty program at TRANSITIONS, called SoulMentors.  Everything I have learned working 30 years in this field has gone into this project, involving the provision of comprehensive services, including holistic, intuition-enhanced counseling and clinical hypnotherapy.  These services are offered within an innovative time and fee structure that allows for the most effective work, in the shortest time, at the lowest fees - all with minimal impact on a client's routine schedule. 

I dropped my virtual WebOffice with in favor of plans to set up my own virtual office, with a credit card merchant account,  where  persons can receive email support and telephone counseling.  (See Get Counseling Help Online.) This will also allow for online ordering of my books and self-help resources.

I hope these "transitions" at TRANSITIONS will not be an undue inconvenience to anyone.  There are those who say that solo private practice will soon be a thing of the past.  Well, I have seen the alternative, and it is no improvement, anymore than phone services or any of the other services we pay more for less these days. The services offered here are beyond anything offered in corporate healthcare in the same way that lovingly hand-crafted goods are superior to mass-produced ones. I hope you will take the opportunity to find out for yourself.

Telephone inquiries to TRANSITIONS/SoulMentors continue to be free.  If I don't answer your call, I will return your call as soon as possible.  Please be sure to leave a message on the confidential system, with both DAY and EVENING phone numbers where I can return your call.    Contact TRANSITIONS

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Clinical Hypnotherapy


An extension of my Self Help Articles Page, Articles-In-Print Page is a table of contents with hyperlinks to an ongoing series of articles I have published in the Lincoln Times-News (with some variance in editing). These articles are on self help and inspirational themes. UPDATE:  As of August, I am no longer doing a regular column with the Lincoln Times-News.  The Editor left the paper and my column was one of the "cuts" as this publication moves back to a more conservative posture. I plan to add articles I publish in other venues, when possible.

After many years of counseling practice that included clinical hypnosis, I have taken the necessary additional training to qualify for board certification in clinical hypnotherapy.  May, 2005, I went to Issaquah, WA, to receive training in Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy.


Mental Health News


Did you know that more young people are pursuing a simpler life? For information on mental health news go to the National Mental Health Information Center.




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