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    Web Page Details:

    I, the Web-Acolyte, Granville Angell originally created This web page, using Microsoft Office 97 Small Business Edition (unsupported OEM package) in 1997. There were troublesome and time-wasting software bugs and glitches, requiring a download patch (SR-1) to partially fix the problems I have experienced with Office 97 graphics and Outlook. The most current updates were being created using FrontPage 98, on a Dell Dimension XPS R400 and I planned to upgrade/maintain the site with FrontPage. I gave up on FrontPage 98 due to the mysterious and frequent disappearance of the Personal Web Server on my computer which made it impossible to access my web page on the computer! Some of the word-processing was initiated by dictation, using Dragon NaturallySpeaking software.

    I bought a Dell 8200 and installed Dreamweaver, but while I am waiting to learn that, I installed and last updated this site in FrontPage 2002.  Although my site is simple in comparison to some, I did do it myself (with a little help from my friends) . . . and so can you!

    The site was again upgraded on September 27, 2007 and the background was changed using a file from the excellent site: . (Everybody is glad to see the last of the "purple smoke!")

    Internet Service Provider Details: My Internet service provider initially was Wave Communications, Hickory, North Carolina; which was eaten by Durocom; which was eaten by Volaris; which, having satisfied the interests of the venture capitalists involved, is in the process of being broken-up into something else at the time of this writing. If I remember to come back to this, my current web hosting provider is mpiNET .

    To call TRANSITIONS/SoulMentors: (704) 276-1164